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Summary: Caroline brings them together with strip poker & alcohol. But really, it was an excuse to get her best friend back. Tags: adult, au  Fanfiction. Caroline finally gave Klaus her confession about her feelings and make him promise to never get back, and he is keeping his promise. "I know let's play strip poker. This story takes place after season 8 of the View Vampire Diaries TV show reviews, recaps, and pictures. 50 Shades Of FanFic meets her biological mother, Isobel, who proves herself evil incarnate when she interrupts Damon's game of strip poker, right before he takes off The two played strip poker until Isobel arrived back. She told Cherie to leave and the two talked about the Gilbert Device which is harmful against vampires. Mystic Falls (Vampire Diaries) · Fanfiction · Inspired by The Vampire Diaries Universe - Canon Divergence · Blood Drinking · Truth or Dare · Strip Poker  Apr 26, 2019 Can't Read My Poker Face (Bellarke, S1 Strip Poker) One-Shot / Aesthetic. Hechatonchir (Bellarke) THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Two Can Keep A Read on this blog, on fanfiction, a03, or wattpad! Also, the masterpost is&

Anastasia 'Ana' Amelia Rosy Plums is a main fictional character in a fanfiction called Never Let Me Fall and A Drop In The Ocean by MysticGirl200. She is the second doppelgänger of Veronika Petrova and is a love interest for Stefan Salvatore. She is part of the Lockwood family, Petrova family and Gilbert family. 1 Early life 2 Before/During Season One 3 Season Two 4 Season Three 5 Season Four Login Registrieren Hilfe Support Fanshop. Sponsor werden und Werbung komplett deaktivieren. - Forum / TV – Serien - Vampire Diaries / [Charaktere] Elena Gilbert Seite: 1 - 2 Autor. Beitrag. Miss Juno Salvatore. Beiträge: 159. Rang: Programmheftliebhaber. Beitrag #1, verfasst am 15.12.2013 | 20:36 Uhr. Hey! Also, mir ist aufgefallen, dass die gute … 20.08.2013 "it was horrible," the girl cried, bursting into fresh tears and throwing herself into stefan's arms. more out of reflex than sympathy, he caught her in a wobbly hug. she was teetering on four-inch heels that still left her short enough for stefan to shoot a death glare over her head. klaus grinned, utterly unrepentant. stefan's frustration was really, really amusing the hell out of him. Es ist ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten. Das Problem wurde den Administratoren automatisch gemeldet. Sollte es dennoch über einen längeren Zeitraum bestehen bleiben, wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an

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The relationship between the cured vampire Damon Salvatore and the vampire Caroline Forbes has mainly been complicated throughout the series due to the fact that in Season 1 Damon had no true feelings for Caroline and used her for his own gain. In Season 2, after Caroline turns into vampire, she becomes really helpful to Damon andhe becomes very nice towardsher and they start working together Sundae Bloody Sunday Chapter 1, a vampire diaries fanfic - FanFiction.Net Chapter 1 of a Vampire Diaries - Romance/Humor fanfiction with characters Damon S. & Elena G.. Set in an AR after Klaus is defeated. "Damon Salvatore, I challenge you to a game of strip poker!" she said, taking a seat next to him. Damon's eyes actually widened a bit, but then he grinned and they began playing. Jenny had played poker with Thomas lots of times and he'd taught her ways to cheat or to see if the other players were bluffing. After another round of whiskey, the game of Texas Hold 'Em finally began. Each vampire was dealt their two cards and the blinds were paid. Elijah laid out the first three cards – King of spades, 10 of clubs, and 7 of diamonds. "There goes your shirt, Elena. You better start winning, or pretty soon, you'll be naked." Damon said with a smile. Apparently Elena wasn't too good at strip poker, though of course, Damon knew that from the start. "Hey, I wouldn't be talking if I were you!" While Elena was sitting there in her bra and underwear, Damon had his pants on. The Vampire Diaries (TV) throwing his cards on the makeshift poker table. “I promise that when you get married I’ll book out an entire strip club,” Enzo

Dec 30, 2014 "How about strip poker." Damon smirked, downing his bourbon, of course. All three girls shot him a look. "What? I don't mind getting naked.

She was a ripper, a vampire, and a monster who was just trying to live out her abnormal life. Eva Salvatore, born in 1864, was the twin sister of Stefan, younger sister to Damon. She arrives back in her old home town, Mystic Falls, the same time as her two brothers, which soon becomes one of her greatest mistakes. I woke up the next morning, heading down stairs to get some coffee or bourbon, or coffee and bourbon. Turning the corner I saw Damon strapped to a chair with a poker in his chest. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me.” He groaned. “Oh, Stefan, Serena. Low blow, guys.” “I didn’t do this.” I said walking into the room. “What the hell happened to you?” Stefan asked from behind me. “Wh I’m not necessarily following the Vampire Diaries story line at all. I also write for Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds). Here is the fanfic I’ve just completed: Off Limits (Spencer Reid) Here is my Elijah Mikaelson Fanfic: For her safety #1; I am currently taking requests for: The Vampire Diaries: Elijah Mikaelson; Damon Salvatore ; Criminal Minds: